Pacific Beach Counseling
Pacific Beach Counseling
Promoting Personal & Professional Development



Individual Psychotherapy

Stephanie Nigh & David Hendrick employ a collaborative, relational approach customized to meet each individual's unique challenges and goals. Our developmental model promotes learning and growth that translates into improved lifelong patterns. We utilize brain based research in the therapy process to maximize therapeutic change and success. An initial assessment is followed by concrete feedback regarding treatment goals and options.




Group Psychotherapy

Therapists Psychotherapy Group;  Business Professionals Development Group, Clergy Therapy Group, Moving Beyond Loss



Professional Consultation

Clinical Consultation for Therapists, both Individual and Group

Organizational Consultation for Business Leaders, Universities, Nonprofit Boards and Faith Based Organizations


Psychodynamic Clinical Consultation: Target developmental issues & attachment patterns to maximize the therapeutic alliance. Fine tune therapeutic work as it relates to the unconscious process for both therapist & client. Utilize the full spectrum of the co-created transference relationship, attuning to & repairing inevitable disconnects.  Develop capacities to utilize your own & the client's associations & dreams to deepen therapy. Consider & apply therapeutic principals from varied perspectives & reading in each phase of therapy.

Business Professionals Development Group: Address your unique leadership challenges & issues with an emphasis on developing patterns that help fulfill  your leadership potential. A thorough individual assessment is provided to identify targeted goals & benchmarks customized to your professional context. Through the intensive group experience participants become adept at expressing themselves more effectively, facing conflict more creatively  & applying cutting edge leadership principals to ongoing growth & development.


Leadership Development


Organizational Conflict Resolution

Professional Development and Team Building for Business Executives, Management Directors & Boards of Directors.

Business Professionals Development Group


Psycho-dynamic Conflict Resolution

Organizational Conflict Resolution: Understand and manage one's own and other's transference reactions, transcend relational impasses and achieve higher levels of effectiveness individually and as a team. This program is designed to promote  leadership development & growth that applies to specific challenges & conflicts interfering with effectiveness between individual leaders &/or teams .